40% will experience homelessness within 18 months of leaving care

Far too many youth "age out" (leave the system) without the tools and skills set needed to be successful adults. ResilientMe works with youth on increasing their coping skills, critical thinking and of course their level of resiliency. This increases the likelihood that they live healthier, happy lives as adults.


What Youth need the most

There are more than 17,000 youth in care in AZ

From foster care to resiliency

ResilientMe's prevention addresses the youth's needs 

  1. A loving supportive adult
  2. Consistency
  3. Tools to be successful

What youth are up against

  • Being removed from their family
  • No permanent home
  • Several school transfers
  • Very few belongings
  •  No consistent adult for connection
  • Moved serval places
  • Trauma
  • Very few friends
  • Never knowing how long a placement will last
  • Very little privacy

ResilientMe is a research grounded, trauma sensitive prevention program. Experts state that an increase in resiliency increases a person’s ability to over come life stressors. Aging out of foster care can be one of the most traumatic events of a young adults’ life. ResilientMe is founded on the belief that in order to give our aging out population a chance at being successful adults; we must equip and prepare them to handle the challenges they will face as adults. 

The number of youth currently in care in the State of Arizona is enough to fill a small soccer stadium. More than 800 age out every year.